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Bone and Horn Necklaces: Collection KALOO – Magic of Africa!

The KALOO collection is for the woman who is attracted to the strong yet deeply feminine African essence.
The KALOO Collection is inspired by the fertility dolls from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. For Marie Rose, fertility is associated with feminine creativity and the dolls in this collection are called Creativity Dolls.

Ancient Clay beads from Mali and silver beads from Ghana beautifully complement MARO´s high quality bone and horn pieces to form Marie Rose’s fascinating contemporary designer jewelery !
Modern Fashion with African Flair!

Marie-Roses Story of the African Collection

When a Kenyan painter gave me a pair of earrings representing small Ashanti Dolls, I asked him to find somebody working them on bone, more appropriate to a magic piece.  Ashanti Dolls are a symbol of fertility. For me, fertility is female creativity and that’s what the Ashanti Doll stands for! I asked the artist to create an Ashanti Doll the size of the inner hand, to be used as a talisman. “Handschmeichler”.  We worked them as brooches or pendants in white, grey and black, again colors of the female circle.
This became the first Logo for our African beads collection.

After many years of designing for fashion and modern accessories, MARO designs is presenting a line of special  African Designs!  Introduced by our magic label – the female creativity doll!